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Hilton Apple Fest FAQ
(Frequently Asked Questions)

When is the Apple Fest?

The Hilton Apple Fest is always scheduled for the weekend preceding the Columbus Day weekend. Columbus Day is always the 2nd Monday in October. Therefore, the Hilton Apple Fest is scheduled for the preceding weekend.

What hours is the Apple Fest open?

The Apple Fest runs from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm on Saturday, and from 10:00 am to 4:30 pm on Sunday.

What is the admission price?

There is no charge for admission, entertainment or parking at the Hilton Apple Fest. Food and non-alcoholic beverages can be purchased at reasonable prices.

Can you provide information on the Apple Derby?

The Hilton Apple Derby is usually held on the Sunday morning of the Apple Fest. The Apple Derby is NOT part of the Hilton Apple Fest but is sponsored by the Hilton/Parma Recreation Department. Information and registration is available by calling 585-392-9030.

Can I volunteer to help the Apple Fest?

We are always looking for volunteers. The Apple Fest is run by all volunteers. We do need your help. There are many different jobs that need to be done so you can probably find an area that can use your expertise. Contact us either by e-mail (info@hiltonapplefest.org) or by voice mail (585-392-7773) or by mail (P.O. Box 1, Hilton, NY 14468) and we will get in touch with you.

Can handicapped people park on the Apple Fest grounds?

Parking for individual vehicles is provided at the Hilton High School. Special buses for transportation of handicapped people run from the High School to the entrance of the Apple Fest and return to the High School. There are no facilities for parking or drop-off/pick-up by individuals at the Apple Fest grounds.

Do you welcome handicap or Senior buses at the Apple Fest?

If we know of their arrival in advance, handicap or senior buses may drop off their people directly at the entrance of the Apple Fest. The handicap or Senior buses will then be directed to the High School for parking.

Do you welcome tour buses at the Apple Fest?

Tour buses are welcome at the Apple Fest. If we know of their arrival in advance, tours can be dropped off directly at the entrance of the Apple Fest. We will provide free parking for the tour bus.

Is there an Apple Fest every year?

The Hilton Apple Fest Board of Directors decides in January if there will be an Apple Fest that year. Some factors that go into making that decision are availability of facilities, availability of volunteers and the financial status of the Hilton Apple Fest.

When can crafters apply for the Apple Fest?

Once the Board of Directors decides that there will be an Apple Fest, the Crafter Chairperson places the application on the web site and mails applications to those that request them. This is done in January.

Do you accept all crafters?

All crafters are “juried” by a committee of the Apple Fest. We accept all kinds of crafts if they are made by the booth owner. Specific rules for crafters are posted on the web site here

Why are vehicles not allowed on the grass?

The Village of Hilton installed drain tiles under the surface of the grass field to assist in draining excess water. Vehicles driving on the grass could damage or destroy the drainage system, so the Village of Hilton decided that vehicles will not be allowed on the field.

Can I bring my pet to the Apple Fest?

Even though we love pets, pets are not allowed at the Apple Fest. The only animals allowed are those animals specially trained to assist people (ie: dogs for the visually impaired). People that bring their pets will be asked to leave the Apple Fest grounds. There are no exceptions.

What food vendors are allowed at the Apple Fest?

In order to qualify to be a food vendor at the Apple Fest you must meet the following criteria. 1 – Be a not-for-profit or community service group. 2 – Your group must be located within the boundaries of the Hilton School district. 3 – Your food must be prepared in an ‘approved’ kitchen or cooked on the Apple Fest grounds and your group must serve that food. We DO NOT accept commercial food vendors at the Apple Fest.

I think I qualify as a food vendor – who do I contact?

If you believe that you qualify as a food vendor, contact the Apple Fest either by e-mail (info@hiltonapplefest.org) or by voice mail (585-392-7773) or by mail (P.O. Box 1, Hilton, NY 14468) and request an application.

Do you sell alcoholic beverages at the Apple Fest?

The Hilton Apple Fest is proud of their reputation of providing a fun family atmosphere. We sell many beverages including apple cider, soda pop, water, coffee, tea, iced tea and hot chocolate. We do not sell any alcoholic beverages.

Do you have a “Lost and Found”?

If you lose something during the Apple Fest, visit the Information Booth located at the Apple Fest entrance. If the item was turned in, you may pick it up there. If the item was not turned in, they will be happy to take your name and phone number and contact you if the item is found. After the Apple Fest is over, you may also call (585-392-7773) and leave a voice message.

Is an ATM available on the Apple Fest grounds?

Some years we have been fortunate to have ATM machines located on the Apple Fest grounds. Other years we have not had the ATM's. The Information Booth located at the entrance to the Apple Fest will know where the closest ATM machine is located.

What type entertainment do you have at Apple Fest?

We have the ‘main’ stage which features well known bands from the Rochester area playing a variety of music from Rock to Jazz to Country. We have the ‘gazebo’ stage which features smaller musical groups which also covers the music spectrum. We also have the ‘Kids Korner’ stage for entertainment of the younger crowd. To see a schedule of the entertainment, visit the events page.

How is the entertainment chosen?

The Rochester area is blessed with many good entertainers and bands. In January the Entertainment committee starts looking for people and groups which we feel compliment the fun family atmosphere we wish to project. If you are interested in being a performer, contact the Apple Fest either by e-mail (info@hiltonapplefest.org) or by voice mail (585-392-7773) or by mail (P.O. Box 1, Hilton, NY 14468).

Is there anything for kids to do at the Apple Fest?

There is special entertainment for kids of all ages. Singers, magicians, clowns and puppet shows have all been featured at the ‘Kids Korner’ in past Apple Fests. Check the entertainment line-up for children’s entertainment.

When is the Auto Show?

The Auto Show is always held on Saturday. There is no rain date. For additional information, visit the Auto Show website.

Do you allow commercial businesses at the Apple Fest?

We have a limited number of commercial vendors attending.

If you have any questions please call the Apple Fest office. 392-7773, or email us at info@hiltonapplefest.org.

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Hilton Apple Fest
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The Hilton Apple Fest is a 501 (C)3 nonprofit organization offering free family entertainment to the community while providing education about, and celebration of, Hilton's rich history, its local apple growers, and the apple harvest season.

The Hilton Apple Fest does not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of disability, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, age, race, color, religion, political affiliation or national origin.

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